Generative Energy On Water

We produce state of the art solutions for renewable energy needs. Floating solar power plants are an innovative, sustainable development strategy; our environmentally friendly products offers a source of renewable energy with no loss of farmlands.

SolarDock floating solar panels system allows installation of standard PV panels on large bodies of water. A simple and affordable alternative to ground-mounted solar systems, SolarDock is suitable for energy and water-insentive industries without loss of land or water. It reduces water evaporation to effectively conserve irrigation and drinking water. In addition, the water’s cooling effect on the solar panels yields more electricity.

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30 Year Commercial Life


Ecological & Sustainable Design
Floating Solar Energy System


This product is a solution where the demo and R&D work is completed by our technical team to reduce the evaporation of hydroelec-tric power plants and to meet the energy needs especially in big cities. The difference between the similiar examples in the market is that the panels are not designed to be placed on floating scaffolds, but the optimum systems to float are designed and manufactured to be long-lasting and cost-effective.