Creating New Territories On Water

Our unique Floating Foundation System (FFS) offers the chance to build concrete structures with desired size and shape on water. FFS is produced with concrete offering an enviropnmetally friendly solution with a life span up to 50 years on water. Floating foundation System is the key to additional high value investments in the near future where it allows to create new space on the center of attraction coastlines around the world and also offers new territory on water for installing additional green energy with its eco-friendly, cost efficient and fast implementation characteristic.


The loading capacity of FFS modules can vary between 600 kilos up to 2 tons per square meter. The desires space is attained by attaching FFS modules to each other through preinstalled connectors on their 4 corners.

In order to create a desired shape on water the FFS modules is produced in different forms, which will create the requested structure when all the modules are attached together.

This product has patent by HSB Marine Construction Company. All rights of the technology are reserved and protected.


Technical Specifications
  Length Width Height Height (After Casting) Freeboard
FFS 600 (600 kg/m²) 4.80 (m) 2.40 (m) 1.00 (m) 1.40 (m) 0.62 - 0.63 (m)
FFS 800 (800 kg/m²) 4.80 (m) 2.40 (m) 1.00 (m) 1.60 (m) 0.82 - 0.83 (m)
FFS 1200 (1200 kg/m²) 4.80 (m) 2.40 (m) 1.40 (m) 2.00 (m) 1.22 - 1.23 (m)
FFS 1600 (1600 kg/) 4.80 (m) 2.40 (m) 1.40 (m) 2.40 (m) 1.62 - 1.63 (m)

The Floating Foundation System Allows Any Size and Shape Structure ON WATER

  • Any Floating Shape and Size
  • Very Large Floating Structrures (VLFS)
  • Additional Living Space on Water
  • Floating Reclaimation On Water