Renewable Energy On Water

We produce state of the art solutions for renewable energy investments. Floating solar panel system is an innovative solution to secure furtile lands from being used for non-agricultural projects. HSB Marine’s main strategy is to be a global solution provider for developing environmentally friendly, long term, sustainable green energy solutions.

Floating solar energy system allows installation of standard PV panels at a large scale on water. A simple and affordable alternative to ground-mounted solar systems, suitable for solar panels to be installed on water witout harming the ecosystem underneath. It will also reduce water evaporation to a serious extend to effectively conserve irrigation and drinking water supply. In addition, the waterʼs cooling effect over the installed solar panels will aid in generating more electricity.


This product is also offering a hybred solution for hyroelectric power plants. When solar panels are installed on dam water, it will decrease the evaporation rate to a significant level, while producing additional power through the solar panels.  

This product has patent by HSB Marine Construction Company. All rights of the technology are reserved and protected.