Marina Pontoon

Technical Specifications

Width 2.0 m - 6.0 m
Length 10.0 m - 24.0 m
Height 110 cm
Weight 12 - 34 Tons
Freeboard 60 cm
Buoyancy 550 kg/m2
Breaking Loads 82,000 kgf (x2 units)

All concrete pontoons are produced using marine type sulfate resistant

High density EPS (Expanded Polystyren Foam) is used inside.

Smart Marina

A must for building durable and long lasting marinas is our monolith concrete pontoon products. With its extremely strong structure, it is the most preferred marina pontoon type today.

Thanks to the water-friendly concrete mixture, it hardly pollutes the water and is extremely fire-resistant. This product also has a 50+ years of service life.