Technical Specifications

Width 3.0 m - 6.0 m
Length 12.0 m - 24.0 m
Height 1.4 m - 2.8 m
Weight 24 - 92 Tons
Freeboard 40 cm - 80 cm
Buoyancy 400.0 - 800.0 kg/m2
Breaking Loads 50,000 kgf (x4 units)

All concrete pontoons are produced using marine type sulfate resistant concrete.

High density EPS (Expanded Polystyren Foam) is used inside.

Trust and Comfort

Concrete floating breakwaters are the most preferred coastal protection products. Thanks to its cement based raw material, it is the most durable and long-lasting solution on water.

We manufacture concrete floating breakwater within our product line. It offers the option to specifically produce for the nedded dimensions and details to perfectly match your project requirements.